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I wish I could give this ten stars!!! I absolutely LOVE this moose and have from the moment I saw the first one on Pinterest. I've wished I could get the pattern for ages and I am just SO EXCITED that you've released it! I can't wait to make one... or maybe 20! I love Moose! Thank you so much :)

Rachel James, Australia

 This crochet kit is wonderful! It includes just about everything you need to make a crochet deer head (except for scissors and glue). The instruction booklet is gorgeous, well-explained and contains THREE patterns which is a nice bonus. I can't wait to make it!

Rebecca Maxwell, USA

Beautifully packaged and presented kit! Everything you need to make your own fun deer head, with easy and clear written and photo directions. Thank you too for the super cute hook case! Can't wait to start :)

Sarah Hearn, UK

This pattern is beautifully written with lots of colorful pictures I can’t wait to get started on it!

The Proper Pineapple

The moose kit arrived safely and packaged with great care. The little needle in the pouch is adorable.

I can't wait to make it!


Great pattern. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a beginner and it was at times difficult for me ( I have only made one toy prior to that and a couple of other things) but it was still easy enough to work out how to ‘fix’ it. It gave me confidence to try other patterns

Milena Malecka

Hadar wrote the best instructions for her amazing design! i enjoyed making it and will sure buy from her again ❤



My name is Hadar Kaplan. I’m a mother, a crochet artist, graphic designer and animal lover. In my work I return to the basics and go back to a time of childhood memories and nostalgia. My designs are fun, colorful and vegan friendly as I use only synthetic materials out of love and respect for animals.

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